I love Rachel Ray… Ok, truthfully her perkiness kind of starts bugging me after about 15 minutes but you have to admire that she's worked hard to get where she is and that she's totally worked the being pleasant thing (like I'm trying to do in my life).

Tct-distressedt1 Full disclosure: I really only like her because my Dad always said I looked like her…and then the other day one of my friends noticed the resemblence too. So a celebrity I look like is inherently endearing to me, not to mention she's got some kitchen skills.

Dorrie was watching the Rachel Ray Show last week and saw a great TCT craft which we're making tonight. This was pre the FHM picture scandal* so it seems like Rachel Ray has reared her perky little head over and over again in my life this week. Let's craft with her!

Dark wash t-shirt
Spray Bottle
Plastic tablecloth (to protect surfaces)
Cutouts (you can make your own printouts online or locate some at your local craft or dollar store)
Scissors and paper (if making your own cutouts)

Tct-distressedt6 1. With some thick paper make a cutout design. Make sure you make something easy to cut out.

2. Spread plastic over nice wood table. Decide that spraying bleach while someone is eating is rude so take a ridiculous amount of time cutting stuff out.

3. Put design on shirt. Note: To keep bleach from bleeding through the shirt, put a plastic bag in between the sides of the shirt as a barrier.

4. Spray bleach via spray bottle. Allow reaction to happen. Decide the bleach fumes may be enough to not have a cocktail.

5. One the bleach has developed to the point you want, spray vinegar on the shirt to stop the bleaching effect. Note: Vinegar and bleach together may turn your green shirt orange, a la Sarah. Decide it's some weird chemical reaction with that particular shirt.

6. Let dry. Marvel at how easy that craft was! Go Rachel Ray, and more importantly, go us! 


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*Unsolicited Nicole opinion of the RR scandal: If Oprah had the same photographs taken, we'd all talk about how empowering it is. Come on, who cares!?!

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