Believe it or not, there are people I know in real life who don't read my blog. Maybe it's not their thing, maybe they forget the address, I'm not sure. But even from these people, I am always getting suggestions for Too Cute Tuesday crafts.

Clothespinkeychain-d While out on Saturday night, my friend Dorrie saw a keychain another friend had and hit my arm, "That's so Too Cute Tuesday!" she said, pointing frantically. Yesterday, she called and was quite excited: she got all the supplies to make said keychain; all I have to do is show up with dinner and drinks tonight. That was easy!

Clothespinkeychain-print I will go into this saying that Dorrie is a perfectionist. As a business owner who sets up displays all the time, she is used to perfection. As you've probably gathered about me, from my writing or otherwise, I am not. It was going to be an interesting night.

Old fashioned "Doll" clothespins (with the round top and no hinges—preferably Nicole brand)
Paint (acryllic apparently works best on this project; D asked the craft store lady)
Screw in hook (to attach the key ring to the clothes pin)
Key ring
Acrylic spray (to clearcoat, but you can Modge Podge too)
Tack (you'll see in the steps why)

Cocktail of the Day: Appletini
I have these individual drink mixes that come in test tubes: I'm assuming they could be shooters. Instead of making shots though, I've mixed water and alcohol with to make an appletini  (My mom bought these for me, and I've had them for two years without using them… I don't know what fact is more weird)

Clothespinkeychain-after 1. Wait for your friend to get out of pilates class by going home and having a popcorn snack. Don't even wonder why you didn't go work out, too.

2. Show up with food. Paint first coat on the clothespins. (Takes about 15 minutes to dry). Do a second coat if you want a smoother finish.

3. Once basecoat is dry, decide on a design. Nicole and Dorrie both did polka dots but Nicole explored her creative side with smiley faces while Dorrie made small whales.

4. Once fine motor skills are no longer required, make up that appletini. Realize that mom was onto something wtih these drink mixes!

5. Once design is dry, use the tack to screw a hole in the top of the clothespin. Once the hole is started, screw in the hook. Attach key ring.

Clothespinkeychain-onpants 6. Cover the project with a clear coat to protect, two if you're feeling very overprotective

7. Realize your perfect friend inspires you to be better and you probably inspire her to relax. Realize you make a good team. Eat gelato to celebrate.

* The cool part of these keychains is they can hook to the waist of your pants. No more hoping your keys stay in your pocket while you're walking around. Fun and functional!

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