You know, this year we've really lucked out. Sure Mardi Gras is always on a Tuesday, but this year, we also had Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and now Cinqo de Mayo all on a Tuesday. Since it is next week, we thought we'd get ready with a homemade pinata. Since Sarah, our resident southern belle, loves the Kentucky Derby we made a horse. (Man, if I can get the video of Sarah talking passionately about the KD uploaded, it is so going on our Facebook page!)

Tct-pinata1 Newspaper strips
Flour and water mixed in a bowl
Newspapers (for floor cover)
Spray paint and yarn*

Cocktail of the Night: Margaritas, you know, cause it's festive (horray for our local grocery store selling discounted liquor this week!)

1. Discuss which size balloons make the best parts of the horse. Have your most horse oriented friend weigh in on this while the rest of you attempt to blow up discount store balloons. It doesn't go well but eventually goes.

Tct-pinata1 (2) 2. Attach the balloons together with tape (we used medical) for the shape of your pinata.

3. Using and flour/water mixture as paste, begin adhering the strips around the pinata. Caution: you will get dirty doing this no matter what. Make sure in the end no balloon is showing.

4. Use some random supports and put your pinata somewhere it can dry overnight.

5. You can spray paint the horse and add yarn to make a mane and tail to finish him off. (This will be a few days from now.) You will carefully cut a small hole, likely in his hind quarters, where you will pop the balloon and stuff the candy in the cavity created.

6. Break Mr. Pinata open!

We'll be celebrating next week with our new friend and some margaritas! Aren't we crafty?

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*Not needed on Tuesday but later in the week.

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