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A little overly eager, I peeled my wax paper away a bit soon before part of my 'N' could harden. Oh well!I have no idea what posessed me to bookmark this craft post sometime in March but all I can think of is it fits some of my favorite crafting criteria: 1) it involves food 2) it’s easy and 3) it looks impressive.

It was decided that my lack of Photoshop skills meant that rather than making photographs into a three color workable situation that we’d make our chocolate creations using initials and just be creative on the font front.

Over the weekend, I stopped by discount liquor store with the sole purpose of picking up items to try at Too Cute Tuesday. Enter a nice bottle of wine that had a fun label. Yay KungFu Girl!

This week, Dan, Sue, and I created some sweet treats.


white chocolate
brown chocolate
plastic baggies
wax paper
bowls of warm water

Melted chocolate and friends... a great combo.

Cocktail of the Night: KungFu Girl wine (a lovely riesling from Washington State)

Dan with his 'D'.

1. Print out the initial, symbol or photo you want to work with in black and white, preferably after reworking it so you can use three colors (brown chocolate, white chocolate, and a blend of the two). Note: Make sure you do the mirror image of the image if you are using writing.

I like a rieisling with a good label, don't you?2. Pour KungFu Girl wine and call Sarah (of Too Cute Tuesday Saint Louis) over Skype. Enjoy Sue’s bear story and talking with Sarah again. Continue talking with Sarah as the craft commences.

3. Cut a piece of wax paper and trace the chosen image onto it.

4. Pour warm water in a bowl and brown chocolate in a plastic bag. Let chocolate warm. (Tip: if you want this to happen more quickly, use chips, which have a greater surface area and will melt quicker. Yay science.)

5. Cut small hole in the corner of the bag. Pipe brown chocolate onto the parts you want the brown chocolate to go, using a toothpick to smooth it and keep the edges.

6. If you want things to solidify quicker, put the wax paper in the refrigerator.

7. Do the same with the other two colors. Since white chocolate is not the same as regular chocolate, you need to work especially quickly with this one.

Aren’t we crafty, and sweet tasting from drizzling lots of chocolate onto our fingers!

Special Bonus: Our Saint Louis branch of Too Cute Tuesday (which exists on Facebook) sent some of their much more ambitious creations. Start your own TCT group by contacting Nicole.

Who's not too lazy to rework photos? Our TCT friend in Saint Louis, many who double as grad students.Makes me feel a bit like a slacker!

Crafters in action. Sarah (in purple) is the founder of the TCT Saint Louis group. Woot Sarah!

Crafting is good for girls and boys... Look at this cutie proudly holding his creation!

This picture makes the Bar Harbor crew miss you, Sarah. Way to craft!

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