Sarah and Sue make scientific sense out of vague directions.

Ah, Tuesday. It’s the cutest, especially when we make a less labor intensive craft and just drink wine and dish.

Kind of like doing laundry, making bath salts felt like we were passively getting stuff done, if only because Dorrie was doing the heavy lifting and the rest of us were just yaking away. And by heavy lifting, I mean stirring stuff.

Materials Needed:
Dorrie likes to shake it up, and Sadie likes to watch.Epsom salt
Sea salt
Baking soda (optional, and the only thing we could figure this might do is make it bubbly or add some kind of additional cleaning power
Essential oil (optional for pretty smellingness, we used lavender)
Glycerin (optional, but according to our source a “good addition”)
Glass mixing bowl
Jars (to put your creations in, Dorrie had some we recycled)
Yarn and glue (optional, for decorating the jars)

Approximate cost of craft: $10-$20 for four small jars (Essential oil is a little on the expensive side and you only need a few drops. Also this craft has a ridiculous amount of optional ingredients)

Cocktail of the Day: Our Blue Dog white table wine, perfectly chilled

1. Open wine. Start catching up on everyone’s weekends.

2. Approximately half an hour later, realize it’s Too Cute Tuesday and a craft is going down.

3. Pour 1 c. epsom salt for every 1/4 c. sea salt and 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda. Mix in a glass bowl and get rid of clumps while your friends tell lots of stories (this is clearly being told from Dorrie’s perspective).

4. Add drops of essential oil. We added 10ish because we wanted to smell really pretty. Stir.

5. Pour mixture into jars. Add several drops of glycerin if you like and shake, shake, shake.

6. If you feel like completing the look, add some yarn decoration. Or, like Sarah and Sue, you can marvel at the lack of clarity in decorating on the website where we adapted the instructions from.

7. Look forward to smooth skin this week.

Aren’t you crafty!

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