Usually on Too Cute Tuesday, I tackle a craft or project with a cocktail and some step-by-step instructions. Today I'm not so much making something new as making something better. First off, I didn't feel like spending any money on a craft today (maybe the market was getting me down). And second, I think sometimes it's worth taking a little time to make something better then to create something entirely new.

Sean and I had seen this ginormous brass goldfish at the Chicken Barn (that's right, a huge old chicken barn of random stuff) but of course I went back a week later to buy it but it was gone. Bummer!

So Sean searched far and wide and found a lookalike on eBay. It came in a box and looked like this:


Goldy while cute was a dirty girl. So my project tonight was getting her cleaned up.

A project you want to work on (in my case, shining a brass goldfish sculpture…who knows, maybe you have the same project)
A computer with internet or handy book like "How To Fix Anything"
Camera (optional, to document progress)

In the spirit of using what you got, use the spirits you've got (and do comment on any interesting combos that come out of this)

1. After having a little left over cider from last Too Cute Tuesday, I took a before photo so as to feel a sense of accomplishment.

2. I did a little online research to find out what would best clean brass. Turns out there are lots of weird (and "free" to me) options. In order: buff with a microfiber cloth, warm water and soap, and ketchup. Look at a few websites to make sure the ketchup people aren't pulling your leg.

3. Try suggested methods of accomplishing your goal. Laugh at how many towels you are dirtying. Stop when you realize you are an adult who does your own laundry.

4. Finish the project and take a photo.

Here's the after:


Not sure if the picture conveys but it looks a lot better. Goldy is so going in the office!

Home improvement with no money spent? Aren't you clever!

So what improvement to something you already have are you working on?

Need marketing help?