Too Cute Tuesday: Christmas Candies

Yeah Christie, just sweep it up quick and Sue won't notice all the kitchen spills!

Too Cute Tuesday is a weekly event on the Breaking Even blog that involves, friends, crafting, and cocktailing. Every week it’s a different and inexpensive craft to make and a different cocktail to keep things social. If you have an idea for a craft or otherwise want to participate, contact Nicole.

It was back to the regular format this Too Cute Tuesday of friends getting together for a craft and a cocktail.

Tonight, we did a little Christmas baking, which was Christie’s idea. Note that coincidentally Christie is having a holiday party on Saturday with hors d’oeuvres, so I get the sneaking suspicion that she’s going to serve her share of treats at this social event. And in addition to saving Christie some work, we all have our fair share of sugar and chocolate to tide us over into the next year.

This week, we had a new TCTer. Jordanne joined Christie, Sue, and I for a Christmas sweet cooking extravaganza. Both of these recipes are from our very own Christie.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Hanging Pictures

We’re wrapping up our Month Of Giving… To Ourselves here at Too Cute Tuesday. We’ve been taking turns helping our regular crafters with projects around their houses. You know, the kind of thing you’ve been meaning to do but don’t want to tackle alone.

This week, Sue wanted help hanging pictures in her guest room, which I thought sounded like almost nothing until I saw the task at hand.

Have a lot of family photos but are overwhelmed by the process of framing and hanging? Pull a Too Cute Tuesday and involve friends and it's a party!

The bed was covered in pictures… and there were more on the pile on the dresser. We certainly had our work cut out for us!

Sue wanted to hang a ton of pictures of her family but had no idea where to start. Sound familiar? Grab a friend and some Cosmopolitans! (Good choice, Cocktail Consultant Joe, we are classy ladies tonight.)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Grandma LaBianca’s Holiday Cookies

I’m not sure what it was about today but it kicked my butt. It just seemed like one thing after another, and talking with friends, it doesn’t sound like it was just me that was having issues with November 24th.

Enter Too Cute Tuesday, always the perfect antidote to a crummy day. We forwent the cocktail in favor of chocolate mint oolong tea. Because alcohol is a depressant, folks and sometimes, a gal just needs a cup of tea and to whine with a friend.

I told Dorrie to give me a little Donna Reed here. I think baking and drinking tea made us both feel quite proper.

This week continues our TCT Month of Giving. Dorrie requested we help her make Christmas cookies so she could serve them at her store during the annual Midnight Madness Sale in Bar Harbor. (Bonus this week is we can eat our mistakes!)

This recipe comes from Dorrie’s Grandma Dora LaBianca. Not quite a sugar cookie, not quite shortbread, this is a cookie that’s slightly sweet and gets better as it ages. Just like us! Awesome!

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Too Cute Tuesday: Hand Turkeys

Wait a minute, it’s not Tuesday! Oh, that’s right, we moved TCT to Wednesday this week (Wicked Cute Wednesday) because Sue had visiting relatives. But even the best laid plans sometimes don’t materialize…

Christie and I made hand turkeys that were meant to be togther... until we realized we wanted to keep our respective creations. Oh well, Thanksgiving was never good to turkeys anyway!

Enter a few unrelated family crises among the TCT regulars (Is it me or are the holidays coming?). Christie and I ended up just crafting at my apartment and tabled Sue’s craft for next week. But what craft would we do now that plans had changed?

Looking to our sister group Wicked Cute Wednesday, we decided that hand turkeys would not only be an easy and slightly campy way to go but would also provide us with a random Thanksgiving decoration for next week.

The cocktail is a fun nod to last night’s meteor shower, appropriately called ‘meteor shower’.

Markers or colored pencils
Hard surface

Cocktail of the Day: Meteor shower

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Too Cute Tuesday: Salt Dough Ornaments

This month, Too Cute Tuesday is changing up its usual format of cheap crafting and cool cocktailing and helping some of our regular crafters with projects around their houses.

This first week, it was Christie’s turn. Christie is super-excited about having a Christmas tree in her apartment but was bummed to know she didn’t have enough ornaments to decorate it (and doesn’t have lots of money to throw at the problem). Enter the TCT team and salt dough ornaments!

A perfect pairing with our November Christmas craft was ‘Early Christmas’ suggested by our TCT cocktail consultant.


Dorrie's specialty shape was the candy cane while Nicole specialized in randomness like mittens and martini glasses.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Hula Hoops

Tonight’s craft is sponsored by Quigley’s Building Supply in Fort Kent, Maine. To sponsor a craft, contact us.

Next week, Too Cute Tuesday is gearing up for our month of giving… to each other!

Starting next Tuesday, the TCT crew will take turns helping one of our members complete a project in their house. Think of all those projects that you may want to get done but are nervous or simply dreading attempting yourself…Yup, we’ve got them too! Christy is kick off TCT’s Month of Giving next week by having us help her build a bar.

But this fantastic election day, we have decided to do a fun, whimsical craft to celebrate. What do you get when you combine the playful fun of PVC pipe with the plumbing marvel of hip swiveling? A hula hoop!

Sue didn't think she had skills but by the end of the night, we all realized she was just being modest.

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