Too Cute Tuesday: Halloween Costume

Joe found us a theme-appropriate and delicious cocktail again this evening. Bravo! )€”Joe Horr Photo

This Tuesday, in preparation for Halloween, Too Cute Tuesday was to be a dry run for the big day this Saturday.

I decided to be inspired by the offerings at Goodwill and go as a player type of guy. Christy is going as one of her friends, and Sarah is dressing up like Mary Poppins. (Dorrie isn’t dressing up this year.)

In the holiday spirit, Too Cute Tuesday’s Cocktail Consultant Joe found a Halloween related cocktail that is delicious and made with fairly cheap and ubiquitous liquor. Yay Tuesday.

Whatever you need for your costume. Thrift stores and other peoples’ closets are amazing resources. To give you an idea, Nicole’s costume cost $40, which includes the aviator sunglasses and beagle boxer shorts she could theoretically wear again. (Pink man’s polo, not so much.)

Cocktail of the Night: Vampire Slayer
1 oz. peach schnapps, 1 oz. grenadine, 1 oz. vodka. Fill with orange juice, top with maraschino cherries (if you’re not Nicole- she dislikes them intensely).

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Too Cute Tuesday: Pipe Cleaner Animals

I have been housesitting for my friends Sean and Stacy all week in a town about an hour from where I normally live. In leaving my house for the week to move into theirs, I managed to forget some key items: 1) slippers, 2) my digital camera (not this week’s terrible computer camera photos), and 3) my Too Cute Tuesday bag of tricks (ie miscellaneous supplies and a binder of future project ideas).

I was talking with Sarah, the founder of Too Cute Tuesday Saint Louis, about my predicament when she sent me a link for pipe cleaner animals. All I have to do is buy a bag of pipe cleaners for an evening of fun? I was down with that!

I sent the craft to Joe, the TCT Cocktail Consultant. In keeping with the pipe cleaner animal theme, Joe found ‘The Chameleon’, a simple to make cocktail that ends up being green when you mix the blue curacao with the orange juice. Let’s serve up some fun, this week with Bangor TCT fans Mel and Anne!

Nicole hopes you'll excuse the subpar photos taken by her computer as she begins fun with 'fuzzy sticks' both in making and drinking a chameleon.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Dog Biscuits

You’ll notice that if you are a regular reader of Too Cute Tuesday that many of our regular participants have pets. I (Nicole) have Sadie, the beagle-Corgi mix. Dorrie has two Australian shepherds, Blue and Sparks. Sue has Duke, who is in a category all his own. Christy, while dogless, has two cats, Jane and Doodle.

Originally we were going to be inclusive of dogs and cats but when Christy couldn’t come, we just made dog biscuits. And with a matching cocktail, what could be better?

Blue and Sparks approve of the dog treats, though they might not be the most discerning critics.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Pumpkin Carving

Sue's pumpkin carving skills were admired by all.

The same thing happens to me every year. I buy a pumpkin, and all good intentions aside, Halloween comes and I’ve forgotten to carve it. Not this year!

While there appears to be a pumpkin shortage, there were plenty to be found at my favorite farm stand. Also, the carving allowed my visiting friend Phil (who is British) to take part in this gooey and slightly odd American tradition.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Limoncello Part II

Too Cute Tuesday often shys away from crafts that take more then a few hours to complete, let alone multiple days. We have short attention spans and like the instant gratification of having accomplished something (anything!) between 7 and 9 pm on a Tuesday night.

All that said, We made a special exception for limoncello. You may remember that we got the party started with zesting lemons and Shakira just two short weeks ago. Tonight, it was time to see how it all came out.

Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t suck, which both surprised and delighted us.

Before you judge the use of a mug, we shared in tasting the results! Yum!

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Too Cute Tuesday: Recycled Pet Food Bags

When it’s hot outside, it’s hard to want to do much, even on Too Cute Tuesday.

In Maine, temperatures hit 95ish degrees. I know this isn’t hot for you people in warm climates but let’s just say that we chose to live half way between the Equator and North Pole because we like cooler temperatures. Also, some of us don’t have things like air conditioners. All in all, the heat is making people lazy and a little cranky.

Sue acted not so confident with the sewing machine but then she rocked it, you know, because she's Sue.

Since many of us are pet owners, Dorrie found a fun craft where we could recycle our old pet food bags and make ourselves something useful. And, with four steps involved, we were sold on an easy craft that wouldn’t have us sweating too much. Plus Dorrie is the Birthday Girl and as the rule goes, you really ought to listen to the Birthday Girl.

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