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My sister just had a baby and somehow it came up that we ought to make some baby crafts at Too Cute Tuesday. And now that Sue has a bun in her cute oven, it makes even more sense to jump on the baby bandwagon.


Pictures you'd never thought you'd post of yourself online...

Pictures you’d never thought you’d post of yourself online…

I saw these mustached pacifiers on the Readymade website and thought this would be a fun easy craft for us to try out. I’m not sure if you’ve had a pacifier in your mouth since you were a baby but it’s kind of weird!

Knife (for scoring the plastic)
Cardstock in brown or black
Index card and pencil (to create templates)
Cutting mat and Exacto knife

Cocktail of the Night: Limeade (Gin optional)


Dorrie tries out her curly creation.

Dorrie tries out her curly creation.

1. Acquire supplies at the craft and drug store.

2. Browse online for mustache inspirations. Just go to Google Images and type in ‘mustache’ to see all the fine examples the internet has to offer.

3. Create a template on an index card. We did it straight onto the cardstock and unless you really take your time, it doesn’t work so great.

4. Cut the template out of your colored card stock. We used a combination of Exacto knives and scissors to get the desired crisp edges.

5. Lightly score the pacifier where you will add the hot glue. This gives more surface area for the glue (I think).

6. Heat glue gun and add a bit of hot glue. Attach to mustache and let dry.

7. Mail to your sister and wish you could see her reaction when she opened the package.

Aren’t you crafty, and kid friendly?


Our mustache pacifiers on the table, awaiting cute babies to model them.

Our mustache pacifiers on the table, awaiting cute babies to model them.

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