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You know it’s been a busy week when you are writing a Tuesday blog post on a weekend!

This week though, we did craft on Tuesday following the suggestion of TCTer Meg to make dresses out of pillowcases as part of the Little Dresses for Africa program.

Sam and Dorrie were back to craft and Sue and Dan were also excited to sew. It was nice to have a crowd of people and dogs again!

Even with us having to hand sew, the crafting only took us an hour. And for five dresses we can send to Africa, that’s a pretty productive way to spend a social fall evening.

Little Dresses For Africa

A fun craft for a good cause? We’re totally there.

Pillow case
Needle and thread (sewing machine would have been way faster)
Ribbon and/or Elastic

Cocktail of the Night: Moscat wine from the grocery store whose bottle I accidentally got rid of before writing down the name

1. Take pillow cases and fold down the middle lengthwise. Cut the arm holes 2-4 inches down from the top.

2. Fold the top down to where the sleeves start. Sew the bottom down to create a little pocket to thread the ribbon through.

3. Put ribbon through. Tie. Try it on if you are bold like Dorrie.

And if these instructions are too vague, there are two patters on this site: