Does Timing Matter When You Post On Social Media?

Maybe a bit but not in the way you may think it is.

The reality is that what timing works best can depend on what platform you are using; what audience you are targeting; what industry you are in; and more. (Examples in the video.)

So what you have to do is play scientist and figure out what works best for you. Some tips:
– Try posting during times people are engaged on your page as well as wildly different times (ex: very early in the morning).
– If in multiple time zones, post throughout the day to accommodate.
– Posting video content (and in particular live video content) means that content is more likely to be seen, not just immediately after posting but over time.

In other words, a social media manager will likely vary some posting timing to see what works best for your accounts over time. Don’t be afraid to experiment for yourself on timing.

In short, on social media, timing is important but you need to get your own data to tell you when… because even the data from different large scale studies conflict with one another. If it was easier, I’d be lying on a beach somewhere fanning myself with $100 bills…

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