Eight months ago, hackers got into my Facebook account, even with a lot of security measures in place and ran weird ads for a few hours. I’ve been locked out since.

I got access back three days ago.

Here’s what happened and what I think everyone with a Facebook platform should do so they don’t end up in my situation… or if you do, you will be able to go into your Plan B easier than I did!

Some articles about Facebook’s security issues:



Useful Reddit Communities:
https://www.reddit.com/r/facebook/ (not official)


Some people have had luck getting their accounts back by contacting their state’s attorney general:


Look up ‘meta verified reviews’ in your favorite search engine to see what other people think about paying for account verification… I don’t think much of it but in some situations if might be worth it. I thought this article was pretty balanced: https://buffer.com/resources/meta-verified-review-instagram/

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