Most of my clients only learn there is a problem with their Meta Business Suite when I tell them.
And that bums me out.

You might go run an ad or try to tag your products on Instagram (or something else), but you find you can’t because your account hasn’t been set up correctly. And before you do the thing you WANT to do, you have to do the thing you HAVE to do, which is fix it.

The worst is finding out you don’t have full access to your OWN business account, which you’ll definitely want if there is ever a problem with Meta or you simply want to sell/close your business. Without that access, you can’t delete or transfer anything.

If all three things in this video are set, you can do anything you want on Meta. So, if you have a Facebook or Instagram account you use for business purposes, please watch!

How to make backup codes for two-factor logins:

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