If you love reality TV, reaction videos, and learning about marketing, this video is for you.

Every month in addition to our educational content on this channel, Nicole reacts to a marketing guru with a mixture of business insight, snark commentary, and marketing knowledge.

Kevin David enjoyed some reality TV fame on “Marrying Millions” Season One by being a cheap and emotionally distant boyfriend to Kattie. But his actual job (and the real reason Nicole thinks he went on the show) is to have an online empire. One money-making scheme is Kevin thinks you can secure a $1K marketing retainer from a small business for running Facebook ads, plus ad spend, with absolutely no experience, which you’ll learn how to do in his paid course.

Nicole thinks otherwise and both light comedy and actually useful ideas ensue.

Referenced In The Video:
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Free Internet Marketing Classes That Look Good:





https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/inbound-marketing (This is the one Nicole did in 2008)

All about cookies notices and privacy policies: https://breakingeveninc.com/cookie-notice-and-privacy-policies/

The Facebook class Nicole took after running a marketing agency for 10 years that still was mind-blowing: https://fatc.cathowell.com/fatc-join-redirect

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