Nicole Reacts is a series where I react to influencers, speakers, marketers, developers, MLM trainers, and others who have platformed themselves as marketing experts. If you watch these videos, you’ll notice I say when I agree with these people and when I disagree. As an almost 20-year online marketing veteran (16 years with my own marketing company), I have the knowledge and experience to talk about marketing!

Today’s person is Frank Kern, who spoke on Russell Brunson’s stage at a Clickfunnels event in 2020. Enjoy as we reference a well-loved 90s infomercial, the importance of accessibility, and what a reasonable conversion rate is.

Resources mentioned: Frank Kern’s website (where this video and other material is):

WebAIM’s contrast checker:

Nicole Reacts: Dan Kennedy (who Frank seems connected to):

The slide deck about influencer blindness I think Frank is referring to in his presentation:

Nicole Reacts: Marcus Sheridan (this is the video where he talks about 80% of the sale happening before a customer even contacts you):

Russell Brunson’s first online sales thing apparently had to do with a potato gun (I had to look up that joke):

And a good conversion rate varies but it does seem 2-5% is normal and at or above 5% is exceptional:,good%E2%80%9D%20or%20above%20the%20average

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