This video is more about an idea than a person, so I’ve titled it this way.

AI has allowed many of us to eliminate time-consuming or annoying tasks in our lives, but there is a whole group of people who are going to try to make a quick buck (I mean, of course there is). And as usual, it’s not probably going to work.

AI is great for things like erasing a wire out of a photo, rewriting an email about an awkward meeting, or getting rid of the times you said ‘um’ in a video, but it certainly can’t come close to doing my entire job… at least at this point (and in my opinion, not for a while, but I digress).

In terms of website traffic and AI, there are two things to know going into this:

a) Currently, it is estimated 50% of online traffic is bots (AKA not real people):

b) AI has gotten blowback about giving people information without them clicking through to the website it is getting it from, hence decreasing traffic to websites from search engines:

So, color me surprised to see a video from a year ago (at least I thought so – YouTube timestamps, as we know, are a bit lacking) about how AI is going to generate (real) traffic. Watch it with me! (If you want to get to the part where he actually starts talking about this, jump to the 1 hour 14 minute mark.)


OG Video link:

How to make a redirect in Cpanel (ex: going to your YouTube channel):

Robert De Niro was 79 at the birth of his youngest kid so…

Nicole Reacts To Jeff Lerner deleting 50,000ish Instagram followers because he cares about the integrity of his audience supposedly (among other things):

Ownership of AI content (it seems like it’s all in the public domain, at least at this point:,is%20in%20the%20public%20domain.)

Amazon’s “AI-powered” cashier-free shops are API (Actually People in India):

AI quote that pretty much sums up how I feel:

How to adjust the ‘temperature’ in ChatGPT:,depends%20on%20the%20user’s%20needs.

Not so fun fact: 90% of online content by 2026 is estimated will be produced by AI:

The example website:

Cool AI things you can do in Canva:

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