I love watching Brock Johnson content so hopefully you do too. This is the most informative piece of content I’ve seen from him but there’s still a lot to say about it.

The popular adage goes: “For every dollar spent on email, you make $42 in return” but good luck finding the original mention. Multiple articles reference Forbes.com – which we know is not the most trustworthy website – but every time I click on the source, it just brings me to a list of email marketing software with no reference to $42. Here’s a example link, click on the Forbes link to see what I mean). https://financialpost.com/personal-finance/business-essentials/email-marketing-has-potential-roi-of-42-for-every-dollar-spent

While I can’t find proof this stat that marketing gurus trot out all the time exists in a real way (and that’s probably why Brock doesn’t source it on his slides), we do know as marketers that email marketing is a tried and true technique that continues to work for our clients.

Brock’s idea of his personal email newsletter would not work for most people. He takes a page from the Rachel Hollis playbook of just writing about what he is personally interested in… which is of limited interest, particularly if you are a normal person with a normal business. Let’s face it, none of you care that I’m really into cooking Korean pancakes lately with all my CSA veggies or how my Korean skincare routine is going, or that we got our dog genetically tested. She is only 56% basset hound… or maybe you think that’s fun to read here but would never consume a long-form piece of content from me about it, because why?

In this video, we talk about ways to grow your email list, the ever-changing algorithm of social media, email filtering, and SO MUCH MORE. You know, about marketing. Because that’s my actual area of expertise.

Resources mentioned:
I found Brock’s shirt in this video: https://tombolocompany.com/products/disco-fungi-cabana
(It’s called Disco Fungi, you’re welcome. Seriously, I love some dopamine dressing!)

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Marketing email lists I am currently subscribing to:
Stacked Marketer: https://www.stackedmarketer.com/
Demand Curve: https://www.demandcurve.com/
Raisin Bread (it used to be called Funnel Cake, which I think is an objectively better marketing newsletter name but *shrug): https://raisinbread.beehiiv.com/
First 1000: https://read.first1000.co/
Marketing On Monday: https://marketingonmonday.com/
Feedly Feeds (I get way too much email so when I can, I use an RSS feed):
SolidWP and all other plugins I have installed on my WordPress site

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