Listen, if you hire 1-2 staff members to concentrate on marketing and invest $7K+ in training, $500/month+ in sales software, and $2K+ in video equipment, you’ll get better marketing results. But do you have $100K kicking around?

Most small businesses don’t, and that’s ok. While I appreciate Marcus Sheridan being honest with his pricing and approach, I am here to tell you marketing isn’t an all-or-nothing game. You can invest a couple of hours a week or a few hundred dollars and see some difference in your business’s bottom line.

We can’t hire Marcus to do a keynote; we can watch a portion of one and talk about marketing and sales – thanks for watching.

Note: This channel is weird. We have software reviews, reaction videos, training, and social commentary related to business and marketing. So there is a theme, I swear. If you see a video a friend would like, please share it! YouTube has NO IDEA how to recommend us, I am convinced.

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Nicole’s I love gay people and Carbs shirt:

Marcus Sheridan’s website:
Marcus Sheridan’s other company website:
Marcus Sheridan’s Youtube channel:

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