Nicole Reacts is a series where I react to marketing trainings on the internet to
1) affirm or debunk information from my 16 years of running a marketing company working with hundreds of businesses and
2) to cover specific individuals, giving their potential customers another source of information to objectively decide if they want to work with this person.

I don’t know any of these people personally and I don’t believe in talking about them personally. I stick to what I know which is marketing and how they are presenting marketing information and themselves. (As someone who has an education degree and has written curriculum and taught at the high school and college levels, I also feel like I can speak a bit about how the information is presented and how it can be presented more clearly.)

These people typically charge hundreds or thousands of dollars even for group programs… or if they’re MLM people, the trainings are ‘free’ if you join their downline in the company, which leaves you on the hook financially in a different way. I tell most small business owners that they not only can learn this general information for free or at a very low cost but that their money could best be spent working with a local and competent marketing agency, that can not only give them personalized advice but can work with their budget.

As the years go on, I am having a harder and harder time finding marketing training from MLM people for a variety of reasons but I mainly think it’s because a lot of them see the writing on the wall for their companies and rather than jumping off a sinking ship, they are building their lifeboat by becoming business coaches, marketing consultants, and similar professions where they can ‘help’ other MLM people (AKA be paid directly by them). Because they now need to sell their information, it’s typically behind a paywall, which can be a problem for potential customers being able to see what they know and their approach.

This training appears to have happened in Melanie’s online community which costs over $100/month to be in. I’m not sure if this particular training is the promised monthly training at sign up but it is objectively not terrible in terms of an idea and is definitely an approach that might help someone who doesn’t know where to start or isn’t comfortable posting on social media.

What I dislike (besides the price points she offers her products) is she says at the beginning this marketing approach could work for someone with ANY kind of business (real estate agent and brick and mortar store mentioned specifically) and while I wish I could take the same formula and apply it over and over, it’s sadly not as simple as that. I also think her attention to detail is a bit lacking for someone who wants to be seen as a high-end coach.

Today we’ll talk about making stuff align in Canva, content pillars, and how the sheer volume of conversations you have to have to recruit enough people into your MLM to make a living wage can seem pretty impossible. Stick around for my deep feelings about planners, which I didn’t even know I had.

**Resources Mentioned**

General internet marketing trainings that don’t cost $300+:
Google’s internet marketing course (Coursera is like $50/month so cost depends on how long it takes you to go through it):
Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification (free):
Free marketing MOOCS (sometimes there is a fee to take the test to get the cert but you can learn the info for free):

OG video:

Why I don’t like MLMs as a marketing person (video I did 4ish years ago):

Epicure is, indeed, a cooking MLM:

Introverts benefit from indirect social interaction (like can happen at a coworking space):,helpful%2C%20supportive%20atmosphere%20for%20introverts.

Nicole Reacts: Tanya Aliza Tells Us To Warm Up The Algorithm:

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