On this channel, I typically ‘punch up’ when I cover a guru: I typically talk about large creators selling things like high-ticket courses or other expensive online products/services.

I did want to do a video about not a specific person but a certain flavor of guru which I see a lot of on TikTok: which is overly bold people talking about making bank without ever telling you what they actually do on TikTok and Instagram Reels. I picked an example person back in September and waited to record this six-ish month after she promised we’d be making thousands of dollars a month if we followed her. She hasn’t posted since January, and her website is offline.

She is probably gone, but these kinds of gurus are multiplying, and I’m seeing patterns. So let’s talk about it.

In this video, we’ll talk about characteristics to watch out for from these gurus, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with when you run across one of them. If there’s anything I missed in my observations, please comment below!

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