If you’re in an MLM or are #antimlm, you’ve heard of Jessie Lee or “Boss Lee” her online sales persona. This video talks about Jessie Lee’s social media training she did as part of Eric Worre’s Go Pro event 2018 and since there really wasn’t a lot of notes, here’s what I promised in the video about the evidence of Jessie Lee’s controversies.
First video:

Second video:

Approximate timeline:
2010-2015 Jessie Lee was in Pure Romance
Then Modere 15 months
2013-2015 New Ways (2006 the founders were sent to prison for tax evasion)
2017 Jessie Lee was terminated from Modere
Now in Pruvit

Jessie Lee Vs. Modere Lawsuit(s): https://www.casemine.com/judgement/us/599ea661add7b03d17136ebf

Other reaction videos to Jessie Lee:
CC Suarez’s deep dive:

22:48 “I sue people all the time” video of Jessie
CC Suarez’s video on Jessie Lee’s lies about her own personal story:

CC Suarez’s reaction video to her annual event:


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