Amy Porterfield has been called by RKH the ‘queen of the good girls’ in marketing (see below for RKH’s Youtube channel), and it’s not hard to see why.

Her advice isn’t horrible but from 50% of the podcast being ads to her own stuff to not giving links to images that she was referencing (unless you were willing to give your email address) to her faux urgency that a program was closing when it wasn’t for over a week, there are definitely cracks in this facade for me.

If you want to learn about Facebook ads, I give a lot of asides and context in this broadcast that I think are helpful. But someone who advertises to beginners and then goes fast through a complicated spreadsheet makes me a bit suspicious.

(Let’s face it, I hope if I was running 250 Facebook ad sets to one company at once that I’d have an idea of what was and wasn’t working.)

Resources Mentioned
Facebook ads library where you can look up ads information about companies:

RKA or Rachel Kay Albers on Youtube: (she is a genius, go follow her!)

Rachel’s article about the SEO friendship fo Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, and Jenna Kutcher:

Nicole Reacts: Jenna Kutcher:

Nicole Reacts: Rachel Hollis:

OG video:

Kittie’s response in Quora about ‘multiple seven figures’ meaning:

Summary to ‘The Checklist Manifesto’ in case you don’t want to read the book:,can%20miss%20a%20critical%20step.

Clash Of The Social Media Ads: A New Niche Online Only Business:
Clash Of The Social Media Ads: A Hyper Local Small Town Service Business:

Nicole Reacts: Jessie Lee:

Lead magnet to grow my coworking space list I mentioned in the beginning (it’s from 4 years ago so don’t judge too harshly):

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