Until we can figure out ways to ship haircuts, there are always going to be some business who need to serve customers in real life… and those customers will likely travel within a set distance to get goods/services. Are online ads useable by these businesses in a real way, in particular in a small population?

We think so!

In this experiment we ran ads within 10 miles of our coworking space location (yes we ran these ads to one of our coworking spaces). Potsdam NY has about 12,000 people and nearby Canton closer to 5,000 with small towns nearby. Here’s some takeaways:

1) Different platforms have different location options. For example, you can run an ad on Facebook to people within a 1 mile radius of a specific address; Reddit offers advertising by state. Bonus: Google Ads let you run by time of day as well which works well for some businesses.

2) If there is a larger group of people on a platform that fit your criteria, your budget will likely go further.

3) It’s important to run different kinds of ads on different platforms. For comparison purposes, we used a 30 second video in this example and LinkedIn did not have great results, I’m suspecting in part because it was a video ad.

4) Like any good ad set, this one brought up more questions, which could be answered with, you guessed it, more ads!

So if you’re a local business, you too can run successful online ads!

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