Ask Nicole Weekly Livestream: Is Scheduling Posts In Meta Business Suite Better?

In my Amber Voight reaction video a month or so ago, when she said that she almost got banned from Instagram for using Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media scheduling websites on earth, it was that Jerry Springer moment where the guest jumps out of the chair and starts screaming.

While I also am definitely not the father, I also am pretty sure that this using social media scheduling software getting you banned is a load of nonsense, but does the algorithm care if you use the built-in scheduling or a separate scheduling software like Later, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.? I decided to run my own experiment. And this month, we got a client who wants just Facebook and Instagram scheduling, the perfect opportunity to run an experiment:

Company A: Retail Store, Using
Active on Facebook separately
346 Facebook fans, 93 Instagram followers

Company B: Vacation Rental, Using Meta Business Suite Scheduler
Active on Instagram separately
209 Facebook fans, 426 Instagram followers

Both have had a similar amount of content posted in the last 30 days. However, Company A pays us more which means they get more posts. Also, they paid us to show up at their business and batch record content (photo and video), so we have a lot of videos, in particular, to work with for them that we don’t for Company B.

Hypothesis: If Meta Business Suite Is better, Company B should dominate in growth and engagement during this 30-day period – particularly on Instagram.

Results: Company A dominated in engagement, reach, and views in a general way on both Facebook and Instagram. And from this, we can learn three things:

You are going to grow fastest and most on platforms you are active on.
Slideshows and carousels (which are video-like) can’t completely stand in for actual video content.

In short, I was right, and Amber Voight is full of crapolla, use whatever scheduling software you want that’ll get your social media done! And don’t listen to social media advice from someone who has built her own platforms and no one else’s. And if you’re still not sure, run your own experiment and let us know how it goes!

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