So last week, I posted a viral video about Dave Hollis and his shift in monetization strategy.

Some of the video comments were Dave Hollis snark. I don’t know him personally (obviously) and I do consider some of his behavior at the very least inappropriate, but I’m here to talk ONLY about how he makes money… because that’s what I know.

Some of the comments were about my eyelashes (Yes they are extensions, yes they do look nice, thank you for noticing!). And some comments said that I didn’t seem to adequately address the monetization part.

What can I say, in 3 minutes, you gotta slightly oversimplify.

In short, Dave Hollis has, in a relatively short period of time, fundamentally shifted how he is monetizing his audiences, which is why I think a lot of even his followers are a bit confused. Is he a fitness influencer? A family vlogger? A lifestyle affiliate marketer? A business coach? A best selling author?

The video goes through what I’m calling the three acts of Dave Hollis and how, if you’re thinking about monetizing an audience, you should think about who you see as being the people paying you and how monetization works in the categories of companies, followers/fans, and clients. And once you see all the ways people seem to be making money online, you might be able to follow the money of your favorite influencers and understand how they might want to monetize you.

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