Sadie_007Sadie shares my sentiments; it was time for this week to be over!

I thought that a round of link love would be a lovely Friday idea. The theme: "Make Something Of Yourself This Weekend" Perhaps you, like me, feel the need to do something productive over the weekend after a week filled with work and general blah-ness. (I’m all over this curb appeal project! Plant sales, here I come.)

Here are some ideas if you are blocked or don’t want to attempt curb appeal-related projects, some more crafty then others. (Some requiring little time, giving you plenty of quality napping.)

Make a podcast. (Try Audacity or FeedForAll for free editing software.)
Make sculptures with junk cars. (Carhenge!)
Make dangly pearl earrings.
Make a cool sewing project. (Free sewing patterns that are actually cool.)
Make a lemon creme brulee tart. (This recipe makes me want to bake. Amazing.)
Make something new out of your jeans.
Make your desk clean.
Make someone’s day.

Happy weekend! 

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