If you don’t want to be Oprah or a Twitch streamer, I can 100% understand that… but to write off all video entirely as ‘not for you’ is something I hope you’ll reconsider.

In this broadcast, we talk about services you can use to send one-to-one videos. We love Loom (This is an affiliate link where we get, like $1 if you sign up) but that is not nearly your only option.

In this broadcast, we also talk about:
Hippo Video

But more important than the tech, *why* would anyone use these one-to-one videos?
– Avoid the dreaded wall-o-text. We’ve all gotten those emails where you see all the words and wonder how you’re going to read them. A video is so much easier.
– Demoing something. Giving detailed instructions of how to do something is one thing, showing someone in a one minute video is less painful for everyone.
– Creating connection. Texting or email can’t really show your personality, enthusiasm, or other human traits the way you want to. Your customer seeing you on video is a way to connect personally when it’s convenient for them.
– Compatible with asynchronous tools. If it’s anything this pandemic has taught us it’s that we all work different ways including at different times. These videos combined with tools like Slack allow us to communicate and let our colleagues catch up or contribute when they can.

So even if you don’t feel like you’re ready for your closeup, we hope that these tools and knowing what they can do inspires you to connect with someone a bit differently online.

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