Breaking Even blog is mostly business and money related but Fridays, I’m going to write about whatever I darn well feel like. Because aren’t Fridays supposed to be fun?

My alternative Superbowl consisting of 'Julie and Julia' and a lot of carbohydrates was splendid.

And when I think of fun lately, I keep thinking about the part of last weekend where I parked my butt on a couch. Instead of watching the Superbowl last Sunday, ie the most watched television program in recorded history, I watched ‘Jule and Julia’. It was a movie about cooking and blogging, two of my favorite things.

I actually enjoyed myself. Meryl Streep’s performance makes me wish I would have met the real Julia Child and Amy Adams makes an adorable blogger.

My first, eye-rollingly geeky first impression is that this movie makes blogging look easy. Within a few months, Julie’s blog gets over 50 comments in one day and by the end, the New York Times has featured her. I’ve been blogging going on three years. Honestly, I’m ecstatic when more than two of you reading this decide to comment.

Personal jealously aside, I was also interested to find out this week that Julia Child had a Maine connection. She summered close to where I live (I was wondering how/why lobsters might have made it into that cookbook). There’s a whole feature article on it with some pretty fun photos in the upcoming March 2010 issue of Downeast magazine.

Also it makes me not want to wait for my theoretical wedding to register for a Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 5.5 quart French Oven in red or orange...

Ah jealously, how you creep up on me…

Seriously though, a delightful movie I should have watched much sooner!

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