I heard a story on NPR that the average person spends $150ish on Valentine’s Day. The number seems to vary based on what article you read but I couldn’t help but think this is kind of ridiculous. Yeah, I’m not very romantic but, ignoring romantic love, I’m not completely repulsed by Valentine’s Day. Here are a few interesting Valentine-related phenomenon I noticed recently:

Valentine's Day: Some good stuff with the commercialism

Valentine's Day: Some good stuff with the commercialism

This week’s episode of Community and 30 Rock
I love a good sitcom, and it’s shows like Community and 30 Rock that renew my faith in the genre. These shows crack me up, and their Valentine’s Day episodes about love of friends was very cute. I want to go to there.

Groupon FTD Coupon Scam
Groupon seems to be agitating people a bit lately. First the Superbowl ad, now this bit with FTD where they offered a discount on flowers with elevated prices. They seem to have gotten it straightened out but hey, bad press is better than no press, right?

My friend Cherie’s blog post about Valentine’s Day Competitiveness
My friend Cherie tweeted “Congratulations. Your husband sent you a teddy bear. You clearly have a much stronger marriage than me.” and I snorted. I am glad she was also inspired to write this post about Valentine’s Day competitiveness in relation to her kiddos. Hilarious.

Heart-shaped Peeps
Sure, this product is just Easter pushed at all times of the year but the white hearts have a slight vanilla flavor and if you let them age with the bag open for 1-2 weeks, you’ll have a slightly crusty snack of perfection (or you can cut them into squares and pretend they are gourmet marshmellows).

So while the idea of paying double for a meal out makes me roll my eyes, I do understand that Valentine’s Day isn’t all bad… Wow, this Peep is fantastic!

Have you noticed anything cool related to Valentine’s Day marketing?

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