Like leads? Attract them with your lead magnet! This is all about what lad magnets even are and some examples of ones I’ve seen in the wild.

Ask Nicole Marketing Series: Why You Need A Lead Magnet
All the slick marketers talk about a lead magnet… but what is that even?
A lead magnet is a reason to get someone’s email address. It might be something like a free whitepaper or workbook, access to an exclusive pre-recorded class, or other one-off but valuable resource that your target market will gladly give their email for.
Once you have a lead magnet, here’s some of what you can do with it:
  1. Put it on your website (ex: and post social media and other updates to get people to it.
    Great for: people who might be a little interested (follow you on social media) who you want to push further into your sales funnel  (Example ‘funnel’: follow > email subscriber > event attendee > free consult > customer)
  2. Take out ads to your target market on Facebook, Google, etc. offering the lead magnet.
    Great for: getting in front of new people
  3. Put the offer offline (ex: poster, sign, etc.)
    Great for: getting an offline prospect to move online where you can communicate with them
Note in all these cases, you have to give your email to see the thing.
Some examples of lead magnets we discuss in the video:
Business Growth Toolkit:
Setup Steps:
  1. Make the lead magnet.
  2. Set up distribution (ex: connect to your Mailchimp list and automatically send to new subscribers, trigger email with login info when someone fills out a form).
  3. Market!
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