Been told your business should have a podcast? Did your eyes start to glaze over when someone started talking about feeds? Join guest Zac Miller who not only is a videographer and media professor but also a podcast producer who gets you don’t have infinite time, money, or nerdy bandwidth for some of his favorite podcast tips and tricks.

Today’s guest is Zac Miller, a media producer, professor, and videographer, who helps his clients create podcasts. With a background in television and documentary production, he loves the story telling aspect of editing footage and podcasting.

Many businesses have been successful doing podcasting, either as a way to make money, as a way to promote their business, or as a way to build their authority on a subject matter. Here are some ways podcasting can work for a business:

  • Having a specific topic or niche to cover helps bring in people that are interested in that niche as well (helpful for smaller or more specific topics in particular).
  • Advertising on a podcast (you as a business paying a podcaster to talk about your business) is something you can consider if doing your own feels like more work than you want.
  • Getting feedback from and communicating with your audience will build more of a connection with your listeners.
  • Asking for potential clients or connections to be on the podcast is better than just a cold email and a chance for real connection.

Some favorite free or low cost tools Zac has come across:

Auphonic (Free for 2 hours a month)
It will automatically take out background noise and auto level audio.

Is an audio/video editor that works like a doc with multiple tools included.

Squadcast is a software where you can interview other people with high quality audio.

RedCircle (Free)
Puts your podcast on larger streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

BluBrry Podcasting (WordPress app, Free)
Shows statistics and has more flexible tools.

Creates flexible ad formats and helps podcasts get connected with brands.

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