The question that no one asks me but I wish people would: Is Pinterest still a thing? The answer is YES!

Pinterest has 450 million-ish monthly users and is a great driver of traffic (and business) for a few reasons:

1. Pinterest is where people go to buy. Not only do they have the best looking stuff curated but a lot of the products show price which let’s you sort by that as well.
2. Pinterest demographics (tendance toward female, 30+ disposable income types) tend to be typically people who buy for the household or generally make purchasing decisions.
3. Pinterest has less expenive ads than Facebook/Instagram typically especailly around busy advertising times like Christmas.
4. Pinterest pins have longevity compared to other social media posts (not minutes but months): Pins I pinned in 2017 are still driving traffic in 2021!
5. Pinterest drives actual traffic compared to other social media sites (I’m looking at you Instagram who only provides the swipe up to open link feature to those with a lot of followers).

Here are the tips you need to know:
– Make idea pins, they are more visible and worth the extra effort. (For short videos)
– If you have an Etsy store, I’ve seen (and heard of other people seeing) great conversion rates using Pinterest pins to Etsy stores.
– If your revenue is at all based on traffic, make some pins because you’ll see the traffic years from now like I am.

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