Any account can be a TikTok pro account (extra analytics features like weekly and monthly views and trending videos).

You can get your account verified if you are consistently going viral, have a consistently gaining follower count (500-2000/day). You can try but essentially, you can’t ‘buy’ your verification.

TikTok Milestones

There are no automated captions in TikTok but you can add captions via a phone app (Ex: Captions for TikTok on Apple: I can’t find an Android equivalent, prove me wrong!

Since there are no links as part of video captions, many creators use LinkTree or other platforms that showcase multiple links

  • affiliate links
  • links to petitions

TikTok seems to deprioritize videos that have comments, duet, or stitching turned off. TikTok wants engagement. – TikTok for Business
This is where you can create ads, remarketing pixels, etc.
More here:

Instagram is jealous and so it is penalizing those who download TikToks and upload them to Instagram.

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