Ignore Them Or Learn About Them: One Way Or Another, They Aren’t Going Away

So there were multiple things going on in the news this week that would make even an even keeled optimist like myself fume just a little. You have the option of ignoring these things but personally, I’d rather know. Here are the three issues of the week that really got my goat:

Bear Stearns: Their Ridiculously Spending And Decisions That Got Them In Trouble
The Satellite Sisters (who have a great talk radio program whose podcast I listen to often) broke down the Bear Stearn’s money wasting ways (pre-stock crash). Julie put it the best I’ve heard it yet on their March 28 show. Below is an excerpt.

Bear Stearns: The Fact The Fed Bailed Them Out With Our Money
Here’s some great audio from Marketplace about us paying for the bailout of a huge coorporation who would never do us the favor in return. (There is also text to the story if you don’t have the means to listen.)

And Straight To The Dark Ages, Women Still Make Less Than Men
In Maine (and probably other places), things are still a little sexist, though slightly more sexist if you don’t have a college degree. See the article here. Sadly, this got little more than a mention on news programs and in newspapers.

So I don’t know what effect hearing about these three things in a row will have on you but you are probably pretty fired up! I hope you can harness just a fraction of that energy to do something positive for the world (or even for yourself). Because there is plenty of good out there but apparently, we may need to provide it!

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