This week, we thought it’d be fun to chat a bit about Instagram contests! These are great ways to increase your exposure as a business and letting people connect. There are a few different types of contests you can set up:

1) Challenges (either “one and done” or something that’s ongoing) (Example 1 from Running on Om and Example 2 from Mashable/Hilton)

2) Product Selfies (Exampe 3 from Om Nom Nom Inc– this contest makes me want a) this t-shirt and b) cookies).

3) Reposting.

A few things to keep in mind when running the contest: types of images you want shared, how they get attributed (coming up with a specific hashtag), and how long you want the contest to run. We’ll discuss these in further detail/with examples in the video!

Have you seen any cool Instagram contests you want to share with us? Got ideas for our next Thursday? Leave a comment or fill out our contact form ( and tell us about it!

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