In this week’s video, we discuss some things to keep in mind when you’re fundraising online, whether you’re doing a campaign for a specific date/event (i.e. you’re running a race for charity or are a pizza place that wants money for a new oven) or want your business to take payment on a continuous basis though a donation form. Things to keep in mind include “All or Nothing” campaigns vs. Flexible Funding, the amount that your fundraising company of choice will keep, and at what point your funds will be released to you (especially if this is money that you’re counting on).

In terms of ongoing money intake, we like to use Stripe because a) it integrates with just about any software, b) it has consistent processing fees, and c) it’s easy to use which encourages people to give money. It’s amazing how much more likely people are to donate money when they perceive it as easy.
We kept the video a bit shorter this week, since we spent most of the day yesterday moving into our new space (yay!), so please forgive our (ahem, Kassie’s) zombie-like mode.

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