Tech Thursday: All About E-Mail

One of our friends asked us an interesting question about email “How do you prevent email issues like emails not reaching clients or going straight to spam folders – even when clients give you their email address with permission to send them stuff?”

There are, in fact, a few different reasons why this may be happening. The problems that we most frequently encounter include:

  • ISP for client and you (who is your server)
  • Web host for client and you (,
  • You and your client’s email interface (try webmail)

We found this story from The Telegraph that asks “Why did this email take 3 weeks to arrive?” In the answer, the author explains how to check where an email got held up (very similar to tracking a FedEx package). As Nicole says, the cool thing about the internet is that everything  can be tracked. You can even find out who’s sending you email from an address you don’t recognize (similar to a reverse phone lookup).

Also discussed in the video: using email scripts in your networking efforts from Ramit Sethi and Kassie’s unintentional hacking experience.

Kassandra Strout
Kassie is a distance runner and a distance reader really. She lives in Ellsworth Maine and, while she might be quiet when you meet her, will throw out something witty when you least expect it.

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