Too Cute Tuesday: Salt Dough Ornaments

This month, Too Cute Tuesday is changing up its usual format of cheap crafting and cool cocktailing and helping some of our regular crafters with projects around their houses.

This first week, it was Christie’s turn. Christie is super-excited about having a Christmas tree in her apartment but was bummed to know she didn’t have enough ornaments to decorate it (and doesn’t have lots of money to throw at the problem). Enter the TCT team and salt dough ornaments!

A perfect pairing with our November Christmas craft was ‘Early Christmas’ suggested by our TCT cocktail consultant.


Dorrie's specialty shape was the candy cane while Nicole specialized in randomness like mittens and martini glasses.

Too Cute Tuesday: Hula Hoops

Tonight’s craft is sponsored by Quigley’s Building Supply in Fort Kent, Maine. To sponsor a craft, contact us.

Next week, Too Cute Tuesday is gearing up for our month of giving… to each other!

Starting next Tuesday, the TCT crew will take turns helping one of our members complete a project in their house. Think of all those projects that you may want to get done but are nervous or simply dreading attempting yourself…Yup, we’ve got them too! Christy is kick off TCT’s Month of Giving next week by having us help her build a bar.

But this fantastic election day, we have decided to do a fun, whimsical craft to celebrate. What do you get when you combine the playful fun of PVC pipe with the plumbing marvel of hip swiveling? A hula hoop!

Sue didn't think she had skills but by the end of the night, we all realized she was just being modest.

Too Cute Tuesday: Pipe Cleaner Animals

I have been housesitting for my friends Sean and Stacy all week in a town about an hour from where I normally live. In leaving my house for the week to move into theirs, I managed to forget some key items: 1) slippers, 2) my digital camera (not this week’s terrible computer camera photos), and 3) my Too Cute Tuesday bag of tricks (ie miscellaneous supplies and a binder of future project ideas).

I was talking with Sarah, the founder of Too Cute Tuesday Saint Louis, about my predicament when she sent me a link for pipe cleaner animals. All I have to do is buy a bag of pipe cleaners for an evening of fun? I was down with that!

I sent the craft to Joe, the TCT Cocktail Consultant. In keeping with the pipe cleaner animal theme, Joe found ‘The Chameleon’, a simple to make cocktail that ends up being green when you mix the blue curacao with the orange juice. Let’s serve up some fun, this week with Bangor TCT fans Mel and Anne!

Nicole hopes you'll excuse the subpar photos taken by her computer as she begins fun with 'fuzzy sticks' both in making and drinking a chameleon.

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