Today's Presentation at The Maine Grind's Winter Lecture Series

Today, I gave an afternoon presentation about web promotion at the Maine Grind in Ellsworth, a local coffee shop/gathering place.

The people who came were just as interesting as what I presented. We had good interaction and lots of discussion between group members. I came out if it really energized about what is going on and what is possible, both with their businesses and with mine. After, as if to continue the good momentum, I got to go to a good party with food and friends. I walked back home tonight thinking how lucky I am and how things really do seem to be coming together. I hope you had a similarly great day!

If you want a copy of the Powerpoint presentation I gave, I'm more then happy to send it if you email me. (I think I could probably post it here, I just can't seem to figure out how.)

Otherwise, I linked to some additional resources to those who want more information about social bookmarking, microblogging, social networking, blogging and search engine optimization. It's pretty general but can give a good jumping off point if you are considering promoting your site. I even included some good blogs to read if you are interested in internet marketing/internet PR in general.
List of Resources: As a PDF        As a Word Document

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