Due to the serendipitous nature of subscribing to lots of feeds, I ran across a blog discussing the fineness of Madeline Peyroux, an musical artist I happen to love. I commented and then ensued a discussion with a woman who likes the exact kinds of music I like. Her blog is The Laundry Is Never Finished, her name is Jennifer, and she and her blog are fabulous. We are exchanging mix CDs in the mail this week. Horray internet friends!

I participated in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance this week hosted by Mrs. Micah. I credit the title Ten Things You Need In Your Kitchen (Besides A Good Cook) for actually driving traffic my way this week.

Madison at My Dollar Plan listed one of my posts on her blog a few weeks back. Her doing so doubled my traffic so I wrote her to thank her. She not only wrote back but offered to link me again and did so yesterday. Another big traffic spike. It’s people like this in the blogging community (and more specifically the personal finance blogging community) that make me proud to be a part of it. So help me return the favor and check our her blog. There’s a reason it gets so much traffic.

I’d also like to give a shout out to one of my current favorite blogs, Cheap Healthy Good. Except for the dislike of mayonnaise, I agree with everything she says and laugh at least once every post. Do subscribe to this blog if you like food, fun, and good healthy recipes.

And the Blood Drive Contest is almost over, folks. People have written with compelling reasons why they can’t participate (which is fine, not everyone is able to give blood and shouldn’t put themselves in a bad medical situation by trying to do so) but come on! If no one participates, I guess I’m keeping the book from the giveaway all for myself. So comment on this post if you want to participate. Still a couple more days to give if you’re thinking about it. I did mention the free book, right?

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