The peonies bushes outside my window have finally bloomed. Of course, I didn’t have the forsight to take photos of them while it was light out but I am enjoying their fragrance wafting in while I sit at my desk.

It is important to stop and smell those flowers, isn’t it? Here are some fun things I’ve stopped to read recently:

(Author’s Note: This post was way longer but then my computer timed out and I lost most of it. A reminder to save often, fellow online writers!)

Personal Finance/Money Links

Ten Quirky Economic Indicators at Kiplinger
Apparently tough times make us do predictable things like go to the movies and reading romance novels. I love how the nation is obsessed with economic indicators. Personally I love math and these things still haven’t gotten old for me yet.

Some Thoughts On The Tightwad Gazette’s “Flexible Casserole” Recipe at Simple Dollar
I was trying to explain to a friend about how I improv cook. I was trying to think of some formula I could give her where she could create a good tasting and nutritious dish with anything on hand. The Flexible Casserole recipe in the Tightwad Gazette is just that. Trent tests it and brings back his findings.

Business Links

Are You Forgetting To Network With Your Friends? at Men with Pens
I am so guilty of this. I don’t want to impose on people with my ‘agenda’ especially during social times like on Facebook or at parties. Truth is, your friends want to help you so ask them! (And yes, I’m telling myself this too.

Who Cares If There’s A Recession? I Just Started A Business at Wisebread
When opportunity meets thoughtful planning, it’s not so crazy to start a business during a recession.

Fun Links

Fallen Princesses at Cup of Jo
Photographer Dina Goldstein did a photo shoott of Disney princesses who didn’t live happily ever after. Super interesting find from one of my Facebook friends.

Love And Pancakes at Mignardise
A cute little love story and a good pancake recipe…sounds good to me!

The Maine Man song at What Mimi Read
If you have any kind of Maine connection, this video will make you giggle at least once. (Personally, I’m more into the lumberjack.)

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