I bought myself a small organic chicken earlier this week thinking I'd roast it up and ave tons of leftovers for fun things like soup and enchiladas.

I turned on my oven at 5:45 last night immediately after getting home from work and took the chicken out of the fridge. 20-25 minutes per pound at 350 F. Works for me.

Then I looked at the weight of the chicken, which I assumed to be a couple pounds. Nope, it was 4.5 pounds. Ugh.

So the roasting began and I looked for things to do around my apartment besides cleaning. Trying to ignore the awesome smell of the roasting chicken (I covered it in butter… yum.), I started to gather up some of the cool things I've been reading. Enjoy!

The Washington Post made up a pretty graphic about the stimulus bill (from Grow Smart Maine). The military circle looks pretty small compared to the health/education circle. No matter how you feel about it, at least there is a plan for where the money is going, right?

And the girl who came to the office selling Girl Scout cookies reminded me, it seems to be the time of year for school fundraising. If you can't buy one more tub of cookie dough or tacky jewelry without screaming, check out this post from Frugal Upstate about her school fundraising philosophy. It has the potential to be quite liberating for those of you who have kids or just feel pressure to buy things from them.

Got seven hours to dedicate to your finances? Check out this fabulous series of posts at No Credit Needed.

An interesting question posed at Get Rich Slowly this week: Is it unethical to work a second job? I clicked on it because I thought it may be written from the primary employer's point of view (as in lower productivity) but it was about taking jobs away from people who could really use them. As usual with GRS, the comments are as interesting as the post.

And a reminder from Kristy at Master Your Card we can't do it all and there are some ways we don't set an example. I buy $6 juice, she eats out a lot. It happens.

As you can see lots of good reading out there in InternetLand.

Update: The chicken was finished and cool enough to deal with around 9:00 pm. My dinner last night turned into lunch today.

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