The week began crappy enough but seems to be finishing strong. Among the good developments:

Silver-lining 1) I found a rocking t-shirt at a thrift shop and crafted with it.
2) I got an article published in a newspaper (unrelated to personal finance but related to my French heritage).
3) Gina from Best Buy refunded my money and apparently mailed me a $50 gift card for my Best Buy fiasco. (Ah the power of the internet…and if you want to read another story about using the internet to get what is rightly yours, check this out.)
4) Last night at 7:30, I got home internet access for the first time in over a month.
5) I've been hearing from lots of far flung friends words of encouragement both in writing and life.

I've been bookmarking great online blogs and articles for the past month for future reading. Here are some of the things that made me smile:

Today while Googling someone, I came across this article about three guys being stabbed outside a strip club. The premise is ridiculous enough but the comments are the hilarious part. One of them: "… I am sick and tired of seeing naked women with stretch marks, bullet holes, and C-section scars…" Bullet holes?!? (from Victoria Advocate)

Did you know our nation needs a haircut? Apparently it's Nancy Pelosi's new favorite metaphor. (from WSJ)

Spanx came out with a male version of their shapewear product. It's about time men worked as hard as women to look hot! (from Give Me Back My Five Bucks) 

A cute picture of a puppy. Need I say more? If dogs aren't your thing, just scroll. There are lots of small animals, like a pygmy hippo. I know, random. (from Holy Cuteness)

An imaginary conversation between "The Big Three". Funny stuff, because everyone needs a laugh about the automotive bailout, right? (from Master Your Card)

Can Men Be Trained To Understand Women? I love these gender issues and interesting research and this post has both. (from Wise Bread)

Do You Say "Soda" Or "Pop"? I've always had this secret ambition of mapping the country linguistically. Where is the line dividing where people say "really good" and "wicked good"? How about "pop" and "soda"? Apparently, someone has beat me to the punch (and put in the hard work and mapping skills) to do the latter. (from My Corner of Maine)

So whether you have a soft spot for cute animals, search economic humor, or just have a sick twisted mind, I hope I made you smile with a link. Happy Almost Friday!

Listen to the fabulous song "Silver Lining" by Rilo Kiley…

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