Monday night I finally got to see the Sex and The City movie. Amazing. You should have felt the collective excitement that raced through the theater as the familiar theme music began to play. Goosebumps. Ok, it also helped that I was watching it in one of those theaters that has old couches and serves alcohol.

Satcmovie Don’t worry, you can keep reading. I’m not going to spoil the movie for you. What I thought I’d do this week in my link rounding up is do a little Sex and the City theme. Think articles online that your favorite SATC characters would read. I’ll include a character synopsis for those who need it as well as a couple links they would have shared with the gals. Strange coincidence: There happens to be a lot of articles from the New York Times this week. I guess I was really feeling them, post SATC.

Character Synopsis: Our favorite logical lawyer and unexpected mother can be counted on for clear headed thinking and great use of graphic prints.
Miranda’s Picks:

Madison at My Dollar Plan is now maintaining a Kids and Money site at You know, for when Brady can read.

A college near you may be giving a class about the crappy economy. “The National Academy of Public Administration and PETLab will get $325,000 to develop a game for college students focusing on “difficult fiscal issues like unsustainable entitlement programs, rising health care costs, and financing investments in alternative energy sources.” That’s one way to get younger folks to understand why there will be no social security funds when we come of age. (via Wall Street Journal)

Character Synopsis: The writer and main character, Carrie is sweet and quirky. Though endearingly and slightly self-centered (aren’t we all?), she is always there for her friends.
Carrie’s Picks:

Small Cents is now Almost Frugal. Kelly, one of my favorite PF bloggers (who just happens to live in France) is the planning all kinds of giveaways to celebrate. Do be friendly!

I submitted a blog post to this carnival and never got onto the site. Not quite as bad as getting broken up with over a Postit note but still, rejection hurts.

Even if you have $500 shoes, forget taking so many cabs, ladies. We are in the middle of a mass transit surge. You may be on the bus, but you may have to also ride it, too.

And 101 picnic dishes you can make in 20 minutes from the New York Times. Even if you keep sweaters in your oven, you can make some of these.

Character Synopsis: A career-driven go-getter with no inclination toward monogamous relationships. She’ll also be the one to tell you like it is, whether you like it or not.
Samantha’s Picks:

Do looks matter? They sure do! Check out this Freakonomics Quorum where people rate themselves and their coworkers, and talk about whether their looks helped them get where they are. (If you liked that one, check out their article on how teeth effect your social standing.)

While Samantha is pretty well connected in New York, she may want to check out Ladies Who Launch, an online professional women’s networking site. (I’ll give it a shot and let you know if anything good comes of it.)

And a 45 year old swimmer living in Maine proves that there is no age limit on a dream. Even if that dream is to make the Olympic swim team. And even if you are 45 years old. Sure, Samantha gets her aerobics a different way (you know, yoga), she could appreciate someone going for what they want with gusto.

Character Synopsis: The Pollyanna of the group, she’s a little naive but far from stupid. Classic and a little traditional, she believes in romance and happily ever after.
Charlotte’s Picks:

NYT had an article about choosing a husband. Some good questions to ask yourself pre-marriage because I may indeed fall in love with someone you can’t or shouldn’t marry. Alrighty then?

And men should really listen to their wives, especially when debating whether to listen to another economist or their wives about saving money. When you read the article, check out the comments, too. Fascinating. (good old Freakonomics blog)

Anyway, celebrate your fabulousness with your friends this weekend. You deserve it! (By the way, which SATC character are you? Boys, feel free to answer this too!)

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