I'm home tonight preparing for the last two French classes of my adult education session.

On one hand, le temps passe vite, but on the other, every time I teach a new class I rediscover how much work teaching really is, especially when you want to do a good job.

The people in my class (this time in particular) are hard workers. I mean I don't have anything like a grade that I can hold over their heads and still, they do the outside classwork anyway. You've got to respect that!

So while I try to find out how to make direct and indirect object pronouns interesting, a few fun links I've been reading:

Frugal Upstate: Web-based Calendars For Organization And Planning
After paying my $.90 liber a fine last week I realized the Post-it on my Google homepage was no longer going to cut it for timely reminders. Frugal upstate reminded me of web-based calendars. My new Google calendar system has already made me more productive.

Northern Cheapskate: Can You Fix The Economy?
For all you control freaks and or finance nerds, you can hop online and see if you can save the US and global economies with a computer simulation. If you succeed, you should probably take a screenshot of the winning screen and e-mail it to Obama. You might score yourself a cool cabinet seat or something.
Freakonomics: The New Six Word Motto For The US
The winner was "Our worst critics prefer to stay." but check out the other entries for some equally funny stuff.

Master Your Card: The Rule of 72
If you want to actually understand financial stuff, subscribe to this blog. Kristy is great at explaining, in this case how to calculate how long it will take for an investment to double at a given interest rate. Seriously, she can even make this interesting.

The Simple Dollar: Using Twitter To Save Money
And you thought Twitter was just for fun and profit (well, indirect profit anyway). Trent has a list of people with deals that you can follow. It's how I found out about Redbox having free movies on Mondays. I was then able to tell the editor of our paper about it (he has a movie review column) and now he thinks I'm smart.

The Screaming room: Often Misheard Lyrics
Completely unrelated to anything, I've always thought that CCR song said "There's a bathroom on the right" and I guess I'm not alone. I'm having the French class try to figure out song lyrics this week… maybe this post is where I indirectly got the idea!

So Bonsoir and Happy Middle of the Week!

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