I subscribe to over 200 blogs and websites but you certainly wouldn’t know it from my blog recently. I’ve basically had time to read and bookmark and that’s about it. And then I get frustrated that my stuff isn’t getting linked!

Yeah, I get it; it’s time to pop out of my oh-my-life-is-a-whirlwind-of-change bubble and do a little aknowledgement of cool things going on elsewhere online, because there are certainly plenty.

Cool Business-y Links

Scheduling A 20 Minute Meeting with Yourself (at Unclutterer)
Time set aside every day or every week to check in with yourself and prioritize what you should be doing. Great idea, going straight into the common sense file.

Find A Need And Fill It Approach To Small Business (at Mrs. Micah)
Sometimes businesses just happen because you see a need and fill it. A business doesn’t have to be a revolutionary idea that no one is doing, it just has to be something that someone is willing to pay for.

Are You Struggling Over A Small Readership (at Men With Pens)
So while my blog doesn’t have this stat posted anywhere, I have 125 subscribers. After almost two years, I find moderately discouraging. Then this article showed up in my feedreader. So if you have a small following, take heart because in some ways, it’s a good thing.

Freedom From Distractions (at Unclutterer)
Apparently, there is now a web program you can download to block social networking (and other time draining) sites temporarily. If you need it, it’s worth checking out but personally, my timer keeps me on task.

Cool Saving Money Links

The Importance of Income Diversity (at Gather Little By Little)
Working a few different gigs to pay your bills? Market it as income diversification, and magically the hodge podge sounds pretty fantastic, not to mention responsible.

Scams: What the FTC Wants You To Know (at Wisebread)
I may have missed National Consumer Awareness Week in March but, hey, not falling for scams is always a good idea.

Frugality and Charity (at Almost Frugal)
I love that Almost Frugal posts are both about money and culture. It’s nice to see our US culture from the outside, and it’s important to know we can all be charitable, even on a limited budget.

Update on The Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights (at Master Your Card)
As usual Kristy is all over it. I had forgotten about this legislation but the update is so far, so good.

Cool Other Links

To All The Single Ladies (at Pulsipher Perdilections)
Why you should not take relationship advice from the show Extra. You know, in case you were going to. This woman is hilarious, and I envy the amount of comments on her site.

A Single Bag Of Trash (at Small Notebook)
Two people, one bag of trash for the year. This would be my little dream…

How To Recycle A Bunch Of Stuff (at Wisebread)
Not the actual title of the post but I’m always looking for ways to get rid of things without having to junk them. As usual, Wisebread covers a lot of ground, and well.

Ask The Fashionista: Dress For Your Body Type (at DC Goodwill Fashion)
I love the DC Goodwill Fashion blog and the Ask A Fashionista column is fun. Here’s a good general post about dressing well for your body. Very important.

Meanwhile do you have a cool blog you don’t think I’m reading? Do leave a comment or email and let me know. I do love new reading material, and as you see, I have some variable interests!

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