So like many cubicle types, I have Thanksgiving proper off but I'm working the day after. I was going to do a slightly snarky post but have decided to improve my mood but rounding up some links to cute things, thereby improving my mood. I've bookmarked over 300 great articles since my lack of internet and her are just a few cute ones.

My newest favorite blog that I like to check on my afternoon break is Holy Cuteness. Some links are from this wonderful animal blog which you should totally check out. Here are some things to make you (and me) smile.
Kittens Discover Toilet Paper (need I say more?)
Refrigerator Bread from Frugal Upstate. Mmmmm…bread!
Little Snippets of Time from Getting Ahead. Sure you have only five minutes but there are plenty of fun, creative ways to use them!
Oh and Getting Ahead also had the cute idea of voting for dinner. Makes sense to me, though since it's just me, I guess I run a dictatorship over Sadie the dog!
If you want to get into the holiday spirit, do some crafts. Kelly at Almost Frugal and other bloggers have organized a "Holidays By Hand" series so if you just need some new ideas for holiday crafts, I guarentee you will find them here! (One of my Too Cute Tuesday crafts is almost on her post even!)
Maine gets its time in the spotlight on the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods show.
An interactive doll house with a social conscience?
Video of a pygmy (ie little)  hippo. So cute!
Cheap, Healthy, Sick: 10 Easy, Nutritious Foods for When You've Contracted the Plague is great because no doubt your immune system is running low like mine this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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