I've been done my Christmas shopping for over a week but the chore of wrapping still looms over me. The good news is there is plenty of fun things online to keep me nice and distracted!

32 Things You Can Do With Beer @ Men's Health
This link accidentally happened to me but whether you get stuck with a six pack of beer you don't like or just enjoy random information, some interesting reading.

A New Way To Make Money By Taking Online Surveys @ Sense to Save and Counting My Pennies
I always pass on via this blog ways to make extra money when I hear about them and, while I haven't done this program, I trust these ladies who have. It may be worth a look to make a little extra cash.

Good Wines At A Great Price @ GRS
Whether you are looking for a hostess gift or a Christmas toast, check out these tips to picking a good wine. Or do a Nicole standby with a Polka Dot Reisling or Bully Hill red.

Tips For Traveling This Holiday Season @ Intelligent Travel
If you are looking for last minute travel deals (or just ways not to get screwed over while traveling), there are some good ideas here. Me, I have one option to get where I need to go and that's driving. .. using tips for good gas mileage of course!

(And if you are traveling to a major city this holiday season, this blog also has an in-depth look at celebrating the holidays at places like Paris and New Orleans.)

An Economics Christmas Poem @ WSJ
A little nerdy but festive and applicable to current events. It's the WSJ, what do you expect?

Seven Lessons Learned Working Retail @ Wisebread
As you become a crazed shopper, remember not to take it out on your poor cashier. In my only retail experience, I just remember people being disappointed by my wrapping job (we offered free wrapping). I wanted wanting to say out loud "well, it is free, lady!" but instead smiling politely and rewrapping.

The Best and Worst of The Credit Card Industry @ Master Your Card
If you are thinking of shopping for a new credit card, like myself, check out this comprehensive list from Consumer Reports, compiled by this fantastic blog.

Christmas Gifts For Foodies @ Cheap Healthy Good
Food is always a good gift. Here is a guide to food and food prep gifts.

Wrapping Gifts Without Wrapping Paper @ Squawkfox
Hmm… maybe I can avoid wrapping all together…

Happy Saturday night to those of you who are having tons of fun or getting way more done then I'm avoiding!

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