Happy Monday!

As the long weekend approaches, I’m getting ready to head northward to my hometown of Fort Kent for a wedding and some family time.

I’ve been doing some fun reading as usual, sadly more than I ever have time to highlight on this blog. That’s why I’m excited to be on Digg now. So I will try to give props to cool articles I don’t get to write about on the blog on my Digg account (breakingeven), or you can navigate to it in my menu on the left.

In the meantime, some money saving links, money making links, and fun links for your pleasure.

Money Saving Links

Kacie at Sense To Save reminded me of free weekends this summer at national parks. This month: July 18 and 19.

Cheap Healthy Good had a great article about preparing for possible unemployment…but there are great ideas in there for anyone looking to save a little money.

Frugal Girl wrote about letting the other person go first. She was about to offer to pay $3 for something when the cashier said (before she could), “Oh, I’ll sell it to you for fifty cents.” Yup, let the other person go first and you might get a better offer!

Money Making Links

Wisebread had a series of three articles about how to find freelancing jobs online. I’ve been meaning to send this to about five of my friends but I figured it was good general reading as well. Here’s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Along those same lines, Men With Pens had a review about Elance.

Carl at MaineBusiness (a great aggregator of business content by the way) wrote an article about pricing goods and services. Interesting reading, especially in this economy (hint: low price isn’t always king).

Randomly Fun Links

An interesting article from Freakonomics about ‘friend turnover’. Over half your social group will change in seven years. Hmph.

“What The World Eats” photo essay in Time was sent to me via my Facebook friend Randy (you can follow him on Twitter if you want). Think you know what the average Italian family buys in groceries (and what they spend on it)? Think again…

And my friend Jim posted a link to Dolly Parton’s commencement address at the University of Tennesee on my Facebook page. I guarentee it’s more interesting than the latest speech you had to sit though!

This week is going to be so short, but I have a feeling it’s going to take so long…

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