Those of you in the Northeast (and even elsewhere) may have noticed it’s been raining for about a month.

Here in Maine, we had our wetest June on record, and today for the first time, we all saw blue sky. Needless to say, people were pretty happy and it felt like we were all caught up in the sappiness of a Disney movie. It made me think about being grateful for things we normally take forgranted.

Some cool things from around the internet this week:

Money Saving Links

Not Driving Your Less-Frugal Friends Crazy (Wisebread)
I feel like such a putz when I can’t join my friends for breakfast out, but Wisebread addresses the issue of watching spending without making friends feel bad about theirs.

Personal Finance 101: The Cost of Your Time (The Simple Dollar)
Every time I hear about a new get rich quick scheme or am considering researching the heck out of something to find the absolute cheapest price, I think of this advice: It’s not all about the money.

What People Earn (Boston Gal)
Parade magazine did a recent spread about how our salaries (and our lives) are changing in this economy. I’m a sucker for some case studies!

Business Links

Dumbest Business Moves (Marketplace Scratch Pad)
Think business people have it all together? Some fun recent blunders will make you feel a lot better about where you’re at in your financial life (and otherwise).

I Like Safeway’s Health Plan! (All Financial Matters)
It’s always inspiring when a company circumvents a problem being experienced by a lot of people. Not a perfect plan but certainly gets around a lot of the problems that are causing insurance to skyrocket.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant (Blunt Money)
The book “The Four Hour Workweek” popularized it but Jackie did the legwork and gives her perspective about virtual assistants, and how she hired one herself.

Random Cool Stuff Links

Transportation Costs Wrapup (Basic Eating)
We’ve all hear tons about eating locally and the costs of transporting food but Jeremy actually does some math and comes to the conculsion that it’s not how we obtain the food (grow it, etc.) but how we transport it that’s more environmentally unfriendly.

FMyLife (Give Me Back My Five Bucks)
A website where you can contribute your own little stories about those little things that make life painful, but after some time, also painfully funny.

My Lovely Lady Bumps (Pulispher Predilections)
My family was talking about Bumpits (the hair teasing informerical sensation) at dinner when I was telling them about this hilarious blog post. So to my family members at said dinner who read this blog, check that out! And if you love informercials, big hair, or hilarious writing, you can click as well.

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Happy Almost-Friday!

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